Tips For Creating A Drought Resistant Garden

Sometimes it gets hot – and stays that way for a while – leaving your area with a shortage of water. If you have a garden that requires a lot of watering, constantly keeping an eye on it could be extra stressful to you. To relieve some of that stress you could consider starting a drought-resistant garden. Here are some benefits and tips:

You may think that there’s no way that drought-resistant plants could ever look the same as ones that are watered frequently – not true. Many drought-resistant plants provide a lot of foliage with great color. Also, because it is drought-resistant it requires a lot less care, saving you time and effort as well as a lot less water.

Although drought-resistant gardens require less care, they still need to be well-planned. When picking up your drought-resistant plants from your local home and garden store, it would also be wise to plant a large bush, scrub or tree in the middle of your garden area. This will help with the evaporation of the water that your plants do get because it provides shade during different parts of the day.

Another thing to consider is making sure that your garden is well-tilled which gives the roots more room to spread and collect water. Compost will also help moisten the soil.