Why Your Bird Is "Biting"

While your bird is resting on you, you may find that he is biting you. In fact, it may not be biting at all:

Just curious?
Birds, just like a lot of your household pets, are curious animals. However, unlike a cat or dog that would examine something with their paw, bird only have their beak to explore with. So, you may not even be getting bitten when you think you are. There isn’t really a way to curb this behavior – it’s just how birds are.

When they actually bite
When it is a true bite, you should be able to tell. A bird’s body language will be different and the bite will be swift and hard. Never hit your bird but you can show that you are displeased by saying “no” to him and giving him facial cues that you didn’t like what he did. Another solution alongside those is to put the bird in the cage for a little while. Then, after he’s been there a while, go back to playing when he is acting like he should.