• 270 Winchester Bullets

    Manufacturer: Remington - duplicate

    Remington® Premier® A-Frame™ Centerfire Rifle Cartridges
    The most reliable cross-membered bullet made today, Remington® Premier A-Frame centerfire ammunition is virtually custom-made for situations where there can be no compromise in ammunition quality, reliability, or performance.

  • Rackmaster Elite 25lb.

    Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

    Rackmaster Elite is a unique food plot seed mixture developed to attract whitetail deer, produce high yields and be a true perennial that can last for years without replanting. This product was developed to improve the health of the entire deer herd, providing high protein to increase antler and body mass. It will also help increase the weight of developing fawns and improve milk production in does.  Rackmaster Elite features Durana and Patriot, two of Pennington's elite white clovers, plus Choice Chicory and other quality forage products.

  • Brassica Plot Performance Additive

    Manufacturer: Mossy Oak

    BioLogic’s Plot Performance Brassica allows any clover or typical green field plot to include the great nutritional quality and massive forage production of BioLogic’s Brassica cultivars.

  • Imperial Whitetail Clover

    Manufacturer: PureVita Pet Foods
    • Provides up to 35% antler-building protein
    • Extremely cold tolerant, Heat, Drought and Disease Resistant
    • EXTREMELY attractive to deer!
    • Can last up to 5 years from a single planting
    • Coated with Whitetail Institute Rainbond to help ensure seedling survivability by retaining moisture near the seed
  • Tecomate Max Attract 50/50

    Manufacturer: Tecomate Wildlife

    Annual triticale, winter peas, vetch, clover, chicory blend. Formulated for MAXIMUM FALL ATTRACTION.

  • AntlerMax® Deer 20 50lb. Bag

    Manufacturer: Purina

    A 20%-protein pelleted ration designed to enhance the deer’s natural forage diet. Formulated with patented AntlerMax® Technology.

  • Purina┬« AntlerMax┬« Deer Block

    Manufacturer: Purina

    18% protein, water-resistant, fortified, year-round supplemental feed block designed to enhance the deer’s natural forage diet without the need for a feeder. Purina® AntlerMax® Deer Block contains the new Purina® AntlerMax® Extreme Energy™ supplement which provides nutrition for body condition of deer so they can reach their genetic potential for antler growth.