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Rackmaster Elite 25lb.

Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

Rackmaster Elite is a unique food plot seed mixture developed to attract whitetail deer, produce high yields and be a true perennial that can last for years without replanting. This product was developed to improve the health of the entire deer herd, providing high protein to increase antler and body mass. It will also help increase the weight of developing fawns and improve milk production in does.  Rackmaster Elite features Durana and Patriot, two of Pennington's elite white clovers, plus Choice Chicory and other quality forage products.

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Durana and Patriot White Clovers are true perennials, genetically improved and university proven to be more persistent in stressed environments such as over-grazing or weed competition. Choice Chicory is an elite Pennington variety of Chicory that produces up to 35% protein. It is a perennial plant that exhibits a greater persistence through summer's heat and produces high yielding, high protein food supplies throughout the summer months.

The Durana and Patriot White Clovers along with other legumes in this mixture are pre-inoculated so they will produce nitrogen and share it with the other plants, reducing the amount of expensive commercial nitrogen needed. These legumes produce as much as 100 lbs. of free nitrogen per acre per year for the food plot.

Method: Prepare a smooth, firm seedbed by plowing and dragging the soil. This will remove all vegetation and debris from the site thus eliminating competition. Fertilizer and lime can be applied during this step so it can be worked into the soil. Before seeding remember to firm the soil with a cultipacker or light drag or cultipacker, cover the seed no deeper than 1/4". Making good seed to soil contact is the key to establishing a productive food plot.