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Dow AgroSciences Milestone® Specialty Herbicide

SKU: 6297458108 Manufacturer: Dow Building Products

Provides long-lasting control of unwanted weeds, including noxious and invasive species, vines and brush. Flexible formulation allows for use in a variety of applications. Tank-mixing Milestone improves control of conifers, brush and hardwood species. Labeled for use in basal bark treatments. Soil residual for season-long control.

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Wide application window. Can be sprayed up to the water’s edge. Reviewed and registered under the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Low use rate compared to labeled use rates for many currently registered herbicides. Labeled for use on most cool- and warm-season perennial grasses. Controls annual, biennial and perennial weeds including bull thistle, Canada thistle, common ragweed, diffuse knapweed, fleabane, henbit, horseweed [marestail], kudzu, musk thistle, orange hawkweed, oxeye daisy, plumeless thistle, Russian knapweed, scotch thistle, sowthistle, spotted knapweed, sulphur cinquefoil, yellow starthistle.